HP Agilent 4155A Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer

HP Agilent 4155A Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer
Price: £8,000.00


Agilent HP The Agilent / HP 4155A Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer offers high-resolution/accuracy and a wide range; I: 1 fA to 100 mA (20 fA offset accuracy), V: 1 micro V to 100 V, fully automated I-V sweep measurements with dc or pulse mode, expandable up to 6 SMUs, synchronized stress/measure function, two high-voltage pulse generator units (+/- 40 V), time domain measurement: 60 micro s - variable intervals, up to 10,001 points, easy to use: knob-sweep similar to curve tracer, automatic analysis functions, and automation: built-in HP Instrument BASIC, trigger I/Q capability. With the 4155A, you can improve your semiconductor quality, from material evaluation and device characterization all the way through final packaged part inspection and field failure analysis.

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