Fluke 5101B Multifunction Calibrator

5101B Multifunction Calibrator
Manufacturer: FLUKE

Fluke The 5101B Multifunction Calibrator has the reputation of being an industry standard for calibration labs and a very cost effective way of performing meter calibrations to 4 1/2-digits. Provides five functions including direct or alternating volts or amps plus ohms. Easy to use- simply enter the value and the function using the front-panel keyboard and set to operate mode. Features cassette tape back-up to allow the operator to save and recall complex or highly used calibration procedures, guarded output and 4-wire sensing, simple editing of output, digital display of output/function, and percent error display. DCV and ACV ranges are 20 mV-1100 V. Options: 03 = Wideband AC Voltage 05 = IEEE-488 Compatible Interface 06 =RS232C Interface

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