Tektronix 576 Curve Tracer

Tektronix 576 Curve Tracer
Manufacturer: TEKTRONIX

The Tektronix 576 Curve Tracer System is an excellent general purpose curve tracer that performs well in applications where high current testing is required.

The 576 accepts three different test fixtures: the standard test fixture, the 172 programmable test fixture, and the 176 pulsed high-current fixture. With the standard test fixture, the collector supply of the 576 delivers up to 220 watts peak to the device under test. The step generator can deliver up to 2 amps in both its current and voltage modes of operation. With the 176 high-current fixture, the 576 is capable of pulsed collector operation up to 200 amps peak.

  • Tests two- and three-terminal discrete semiconductors
  • Power capability up to 220 W; optional test fixture for testing power devices up to 1000 W
  • Convenient scale factor readout
  • Calibrated display offset
  • Adjustable current limiting in the step generator
  • Pushbuttons to check display zero and calibration
  • Illuminated graticule
  • Collector supply
    • Voltage range: 15, 75, 350, 1500 V
    • Maximum continuous peak current: 10 A, 2 A, 500 mA, 100 mA
    • Amplitude current (characteristics): 200 A at 15 V range, 40 A at 75 V range, 8 A at 350 V range
    • Series resistance: 0.3 Ω to 6.5 MΩ
    • Safety interlock to protect operator from 75, 350, and 1500 V collector voltages
    • Width (characteristics): 300 or 80 µs, determined by 576 polarity control
    • Maximum peak watts (characteristics): Three illuminated pushbuttons select 10, 100, or 1000 W maximum peak power
  • Step generator
    • Current mode: Step/offset amplitude range is 5 nA/step to 200 mA/step; maximum current is X20 amplitude setting, except X10 (2 A) at 200 mAstep and X15 (1.5 A) at 100 mA/step; maximum voltage is at least 10 V; maximum opposing offset current is X10 amplitude switch setting or 10 mA, whichever is less; maximum opposing voltage is limited at 1 V to 3 V
    • Voltage mode: Step/offset amplitude range is 5 mV/step to 2 V/step; maximum voltage is X20 amplitude switch setting, 40 V maximum; maximum current is at least 2 A at 10 V, derating linearly to 10 mA at 40 V; maximum opposing offset voltage is X10 amplitude switch setting; maximum opposing current is limited at 5 mA to 20 mA
    • Maximum current (characteristics): 200 x 576 amplitude setting or 20 A, whichever is less
    • Maximum voltage (characteristics): At least 5 V up to 10 A and 2 V up to 20 A
    • Pulsed steps (characteristics): 300 or 80 µs wide
  • Standard test fixture: A plug-in fixture with two sets of five-pin test terminals, the Emitter Grounded or Base Grounded switch, Left-Off-Right switch, Step Gen Output, Ext Base or Emitter input, and the Safety Shield. The test terminals accept either the six-pin universal adapters, three-pin adapters, or the high-power transistor adapters with Kelvin contacts
  • The 176 pulsed-high-current fixture provides the 576 with pulsed-collector operation to 200 A peak and pulsed-base steps to 20 A peak. When selected, the step offset is also pulsed. The 176 test fixture fits in place of the 576 standard test fixture. The collector pulse is slaved to the step generator in regard to width and repetition rate

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