Melles Griot Precision Diode Laser Driver 06DLD203

Melles Griot Precision Diode Laser Driver 06DLD203
Price: £450.00
Manufacturer: MELLES GRIOT
Short Description
Melles Griot 06DLD203 Diode Laser Driver.
The Diode Laser Drive has microprocessor-driven-low-noise current sources as well as precision temperature controllers. It is compatible with any diode laser requiring 300mA or less of drive current. It has 2 x 16 Character alphnumeric display, autosave setup, many monitor capabilities and diode laser protection. It has been power on tested and is in good condition. See Specifications more details on the item. 
Manufacturer Description
 (Product has only been power-on tested, specifications in manufacturer description are assumed to be true, but not guaranteed.)

         The 06 DLD 203A and 06 DLD 205 diode laser drivers combine microprocessor-driven low-noise current sources with precision TE temperature controllers. The 06 DLD 203A and the 06 DLD 205 have been carefully designed to provide the utmost in low-noise, stable current output. The TE cooler controller is integrated into the 06 DLD 203A and 06 DLD 205 interfaces with standard TE cooler modules, thermistors, and integrated circuit temperature sensors, to control the diode laser temperature from 435ºC to +60ºC with a 0.01ºC resolution. The 06 DLD 203A and 06 DLD 205 diode laser drivers includes a two-row, 16 character-per-row backlit LCD. This highly visible display, along with the intuitive front-panel controls, simplifies the setup and operation of diode lasers. Upon power-down, the driver saves its entire configuration menu to non volatile memory. This eliminates the need to reconfigure the unit for each session. These drivers are equipped with an adjustable current limit setting. Once set, this limit cannot be exceeded.