HP AGILENT Keysight 6632A POWER SUPPLY, 20V 5A 100W

HP AGILENT Keysight 6632A POWER SUPPLY, 20V 5A 100W

The HP 6632A, 6633A, and 6634A power supplies feature a combination of programming capabilities and linear power supply performance that makes them ideal for power system applications. The models in this family offer 100 watts of output power.

The power supply is a single range unit with the capability of sinking as well as sourcing current. The output can be programmed both locally from the front panel and remotely over the HP-IB.

Output connections are made to the rear panel screw terminals. Either the positive or negative output terminal can be grounded, or the output can be floated up to +/-240 Vdc from the chassis ground. The output voltage can be sensed locally or remotely. When shipped, the supply is jumpered for local sensing.

The supply has no potentiometers and is calibrated over the HP-IB. Software calibration eliminates the need to remove the supply from your system cabinet.

  • DC output voltage range: 0 to 20 V
  • DC output voltage programming range: 0 to 20.475 V
  • DC output current range: -5 to +5 A
  • DC output current programming range: 0.02 to 5.1188 A
  • DC output OVP programming range: 0 to 22 V
  • Voltage programming resolution: 5 mV
  • Current programming resolution: 1.25 mA
  • OVP programming resolution: 100 mV
  • Voltage programming accuracy: 0.05%
  • Voltage PARD (ripple and noise): 0.3 mV
  • Current PARD: 2 mArms
  • Load transient response: 100 microS
  • Typical voltage readback resolution: 5 mV
  • Self-test at power on or from a command
  • Fast or normal mode operation selectable via rear-panel switch
  • Optional built-in relays and DFI/RI
  • Optional front panel binding posts

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