Rohde & Schwarz CMD57

Rohde & Schwarz CMD57 Digital Radiocommunication Tester
Price: £1,800.00
Manufacturer: ROHDE & SCHWARZ

R&S CMD57 digital radiocommunication tester is an advanced top-class instrument for measurements on base stations (BTS) and BTS modules. The CMD57 is designed for measurements in line with GSM900, E-GSM, UIC – European train radiotelephony, GSM1800, GSM1900 optionally.

R&S CMD allows measurements on transmitters and receivers of base stations without affecting telephone calls in progress.

These testers combine compact size with high measurement accuracy and speed. They are suitable both for stationary and mobile use and feature great ease of operation and high reliability. Operation is extremely easy and requires no detailed GSM knowledge. The LCD display with softkeys on both sides allows menu-guided convenient callup of test routines.

  • Transmitter measurements
    • Dynamic range >72 dB: Checking the power ramps and output spectrum of the BTS transmitter for compliance with the dynamic range specified by GSM
    • Measurement of power ramps: Checking the switching characteristics of the BTS transmitter
    • Phase and frequency error: Testing the modulation characteristics of the BTS transmitter including statistical function
    • Measurement of spectrum due to modulation or switching: Detecting interference to the BTS transmitter at adjacent frequencies, due to modulation or switching
  • Receiver measurements
    • Measurement of bit error rate (BER) via Abis/IEEE bus/RS-232-C interface, BTS loopback, CMD loopback, Abis interface: Testing the BTS receiver characteristics by adaptation to specific implementation in the BTS
    • Measurement of adjacent timeslot rejection with up to 50 dB higher level: Measuring the automatic gain control (AGC) of the BTS with high level difference between used and adjacent timeslot; simulation of different BTS receive levels
  • Other measurements
    • Echo test: Subjective test of speech quality with call established
    • Module test: Complete transmitter measurements even without signaling or time synchronization
    • Multifunction RF generator: Ideal for alignment of receiver modules
    • DC current and voltage measurement: Optimized for pulsed signals; replaces external measuring instruments
    • AF measurement facilities and 60 MHz frequency counter (optional): Replaces external frequency counter; ideal for measuring reference frequencies
    • RF monitor with bandwidths of 30 kHz, 100 kHz: Replaces external spectrum analyzer
    • Simulation of fading effects: On request
  • Flexible use
    • Various BTS synchronization facilities as to time and frequency: Easy integration of measuring instrument into operational environment and problem-free adaptation to the specific synchronization signals of a BTS
    • Remote control via RS-232-C and IEC/IEEE bus: SCPI-compatible for easy generation of user-specific control programs
    • Low cost of ownership
    • Software update via interface: No need to open the instrument; simple download of the latest software version via the RS-232-C interface

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