Santec MLS-8100 Chassis

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  • 8-Channel High-Power Tunable Laser
  • Full Tuning Range on each Channel
  • Built-In Optical Variable Attenuator
  • High Accuracy and Stability
  • GPIB / IEEE-488 Interface


MLS-8100 (max 8ch loading) rack supplying power to ECL 210. MLS-8100 can control ECL-210 by direct operation to the front panel and via GPIB / RS- 232C communication from the outside. Easy operations enable you to obtain high power and excellent stability.The ECL-210 provides a rack-mounted, multi-channel solution that caters specifically to the needs of both DWDM production and research engineers.

The ECL-210 offers excellent long term wavelength and power stability in conjunction with notably high output power. Each unit has a wide tuning range of more than 100 nm which is selectable in the several ranges. In addition, Santec’s unique tuning mechanism enables any wavelength within the specified tuning range to be easily and accurately selected. The ECL systems share many standard features that include Automatic Power Control, Fine Tuning Wavelength Control, Coherence Control, and a GPIB/RS-232C interface.